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Intro to Brush Lettering - SUNDAY APRIL 14

Intro to Brush Lettering - SUNDAY APRIL 14

$ 65.00

Intro to Brush Lettering!
Sunday, April 14th, 1-3 pm

In this introductory class, your instructor will guide you through the very basics of brush lettering. You will start out by learning how Lettering is different from hand writing and how to use the appropriate tools to achieve this new art form. From there, students will be guided through basic drills and alphabet skills that will lead into connecting letters and writing words.

In this small class setting, your instructor will be by your side to demonstrate skills, correct technique, and provide tricks of the trade that will help you to hone the basics.  Using a specialized workbook and brush markers,  you will be given all the necessary tools to jump into this new creative hobby. 

About your instructor:

Rachael Himberg, or sometimes known as @Dulciedoodles, has been a doodler for as long as she can remember.  Although colors and crafting have always been a part of her life, it wasn't until she became engaged in 2015 that she discovered the world of modern lettering and calligraphy.  Rachael discovered the community of Calligraphers on Instagram while searching for a fun way to add some personalized touches to her wedding decor,  and decided to give it a shot.  Since starting lettering in 2016, Rachael has found it to be a therapeutic and creative outlet added into to her everyday life. A middle school teacher by day, she loves teaching and sharing ideas with others.  She hopes to share the joy of lettering with others in the community and to help everyone bring color and creativity back into their lives.  

Drinks and snacks provided, as well as 10% everything at Calliope after class!
Class fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!