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Clarissa Explained It All To Me Sticker

Clarissa Explained It All To Me Sticker

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3" x 3" waterproof/weatherproof die cut matte vinyl sticker

by Debbie Draws Funny

About the maker:

"I was totally let down by the greeting card aisle at the store. Since I'm not overly into cards I'm really not into mushy sentimental cards. I always sought out cards that would make someone laugh. Usually, I'd find one that was semi-acceptable and still doodled on it or added and tweaked the verbiage to make it better. Seriously, why was I buying a mediocre card for $5.79 that still wasn't reaching its full potential? Maybe I'm just too picky. But as more occasions came and went over the years the big box store greeting cards  weren't cutting it. 

So I started making my own. 

Like a normal person."