Everything your heart desires, as long as it desires stationery.

Image of notepad with six blobs in neutral tones with black text says, "Things I'm proud of", "Bad things that turned good", Some favorite things, Unexpected surprises A color I'm grateful for, A glimmer of hope for the future" and "Let me count the ways". on white background.

Count The Ways Gratitude Notepad

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8.3" x 5.8"

50 sheets

by Good Letters Design

About the maker:

Madelyne Adams, the hands behind the goods of Good Letters Design, is a self-taught graphic designer, hand letterer, and muralist, based out of Washington, D.C. As the middle child of five, Madelyne has been voted "the best sibling at lying to Mom & Dad" at least 15 years running (not that anyone's counting), which Madelyne believes just makes her a better writer. Good Letters is all about making the sort of things that there should be more of the in the world: more joy, more color, more laughter, more boldness, more authenticity.