Crab Clutch
Crab Clutch

Crab Clutch

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This ocean friend is from the Altantic Galician and Portuguese coasts but this very cute bag is 100% cotton and waterproof!

Inside unzips to reveal the crabby insides!

8.85" x 4.75" (5.5" x 4.75" usable space)

Made in Spain

About the maker:

Behind Don Fisher you'll find Julia Castaño, the founder, creative designer and captain of the crew. Julia really wanted to own a shop full of beautiful things and one day, playing with the word "bonito" she realized it had 2 different meanings; "beautiful" in Spanish and the name of a fish! Her imagination ran wild and she created Don Fisher, her alter ego, a bearded captain that sails the seven seas looking for the most amazing Bonitos. Don Fisher is based in Barcelona, Spain!