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Greeting card with white background and various images including rainbows, clouds, hotdog, rain, dog, cactus and dinosaur in bright colors wih black text says, "Have an epic birthday". Grey envelope included.

Epic Birthday Card

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Blank inside

by On The Bright Side

About the maker:

LET THE FUN-SHINE... ON THE BRIGHT SIDE is their way of sharing joy, one little greeting card at a time. Some are sweet, some are quirky and all are beautiful. Printed on the highest quality paper, each card has something special about it It could have hand stamped hot foil details, an 'extra' verse on the back or just the right verse that makes you laugh.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE is not a moment in time or a place. It's a way of being. They choose to always see the glass half full, always search for the rainbow and always marvel at the love that has been shared with us.