Fresh Bamboo Shampoo Bar Set
Fresh Bamboo Shampoo Bar Set

Fresh Bamboo Shampoo Bar Set

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Fresh Bamboo brings a welcomed calm and spa-like relaxation to your home shower with every use. With soft bubbles and long lasting moisture, Fresh Bamboo is the perfect addition to your eco-friendly hair care routine.

Each Set Includes:

1 Herbal Hair Wash
1 Wooden Soap Dish
1 Organic Cotton Bag
1 Care Guide Card

Fresh Bamboo is the powerhouse blend of vitamin and minerals your hair needs. This fresh blend of jasmine, spring water, cantaloupe and musk is a light and refreshing scent.

Helps with:
Controlling Frizz and tangles
Will not dry out or strip hair of natural oils
Balancing oily scalp
Created for curly hair, safe for all hair types
Safe for color treated hair


Bamboo is high in silica which is a key ingredient of for hair growth
Green Clay is a gentle on the scalp and aids in eliminating dandruff
Spirulina Powder is high in vitamin A and C + fights baldness and thinning
Formulated with organic hemp seed oil and flaxseed oil this shampoo removes dirt and product build up without drying your beautiful kinks, curls and coils! Formulated for curly hair, great for all hair types.

This shampoo has been tested and loved by all hair types and a little goes a long way. So if your hair is not curly, it will still love the vitamins and nutrients all the same.

by Petals For Jean