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White background with image of white goose wearing blue pants and sneakers with a brown satchel around his neck that says “hugs” in yellow text. Black text says, “Incoming”. Grey envelope is included.
White background with image of brown satchel open and pink and red hearts floating up out of it. Grey envelope is included.

Goose Delivery Card

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Blank inside.

by E Frances

About the maker:
Comprised of 3 sisters, E. Frances Paper (named after two beloved Grandmothers) began so Ali’s artwork could be seen and felt by more than just her family. E. Frances' goal is not so much to sell cards, as it is to provide a smile to all those RECIPIENTS of the cards.

E. Frances started in 2013 in Ali’s guest room, had some hilarious
offices along the way, including a storage unit with no electricity, but
now reside in a beloved, renovated car garage in Newport, RI.