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Image of a yellow and white piece of bread with facial features.

Happy Toast! Clear Clip

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These double-sided, clear decorative acrylic clips are the perfect stationery companion you never knew you were missing.

Clip loose papers together, pin a little note to yourself on your computer and/or clip snack bags to save a little for later! Please note that these clips are intended to be decorative and to brighten your day- it cannot hold heavy items together.

+ Double-sided acrylic clip with ridges to prevent sliding

+ Gentle spring clip intended for decoration and light organization

+ Clip should not be used for heavy objects

+ Clip measures 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.81" 


About the maker:

Bound by a love of paper goods, funny drawings, and a keen appreciation for puns, sisters Alice & Doris of ILOOTPAPERIE firmly believe in aiding and abetting others to steal hearts through their loot of cheeky, colorful musings. They currently work out of their cozy Pasadena apartment where pun-filled illustrations spring to life and there are many a late night spent hand packing their punny goods with care.