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Purple and blue background with random white dots and image of a small white lamb wearing a green ribbon around its neck. White text says, “Happy Birthday, You Cutie-cute!”. A white envelope is included.

HB Cutie Cute Card

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Blank inside.

by Middle Sister Card Co.

About the maker:

Middle Sister Card Co. is a Chicago-based greeting card, art print, and postcard shop created in 2020 by Melanie Jeanne Plank. All Middle Sister Card Co. cards, envelopes, prints, print-backings, and shipping materials are made from 100% recycled material. If you yourself have received a Middle Sister Card Co. greeting card, on the back, you will see a list of suggestions as to what you might do with it. In my experience, I have found you can either recycle it, keep it forever, or burn it and make a wish.