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Pink bordered notepad with white center. Images of bread, croissants, buns and. Brown cat wearing panties. Black text says, “Notes” and slashed sequence for date entry.

Hot Buns Panty Cat Notepad

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4.25" x 5.5"

50 sheets

by Panty Cat

About the maker:

Panty Cat by Victoria Llama is an art project that bloomed into a world of silly characters because of a hot day in a stuffy bedroom upstairs. Victoria was sick of that hot bedroom tight pants BS. She also loves cats. She also can't have cats. So with her no-pants-yes-cats mentality, Panty Cat was born.

Relax with Panty Cat. Live your best life with Panty Cat. Burn your pants with Panty Cat because all you need is sleep, hydration (yum water), a pair of panties, and a toilet that never clogs (what a dream).