Inky Black Soft Magnetic Letters

Inky Black Soft Magnetic Letters

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These aren’t your kid's alphabet magnets; they're so much better!

These family-friendly, soft magnetic letters are designed to fit in perfectly with your home decor style and look great on a letterboard!

Sure to be a hit with word nerds of all ages. Each set includes 200 1" tall letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation

• Dimensions: 1" max height, Widths vary
• Materials: EVA Foam, Rubber Sheet Magnets
• Character Count: 200 uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation
• Packaged in a sturdy, resealable bag

Choking Hazard. This product contains small parts. Keep away from children under 3 years old. Adult supervision recommended. These magnets will not work on glass magnet boards. These letters are made of a soft foam material and therefore are not impervious to imperfections, such as dents, or warping. However, these imperfections can usually be worked out with your fingers or a little low heat and easily reshaped on a magnetic surface.