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Rainbow Notes on a Roll

Rainbow Notes on a Roll

$ 10.00

Notes On A Roll is like having a continuous sticky note that you tear off like tape. The whole back of the sticky note is adhesive; like a sticker! Notes On A Roll is perfect for organizing your calendars, your school notes and generally keeping yourself organized. This fun sticky note set also has 6 different colored decorative tapes. Use these colorful tapes as a way to keep tabs on important things in your planner or notebooks. Notes On A Roll includes a 19 foot roll of adhesive sticky note, another 19 feet of 6 different decorative tapes and 1 dispenser. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

  • 1 Sticky Note Roll - There’s 19 feet or sticky note that you can tear off like tape, write on and stick anywhere you like
  • 1 Roll of 6 Colored Decorative Tapes - This 19 feet of rainbow of deco tape can be used to jot down small notes or make colorful tabs.
  • 1 Dispenser Included