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White background with individual stickers and black text says, “Notes to self: send more email”. Images include blue mailbox, pigeon with a sign saying “Special delivery”, stamps, an envelope and airplane with green text says, “From me to you”.

Send More Mail Sticker Sheet

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5" x 7" sheet contains 18 clear stickers

by Kwohtations

About the maker:

Kwohtations is a one-woman handmade stationery company and letterpress print & design studio, based in Brooklyn, NY. Owner and artist Janine Kwoh makes cards, prints, and other curiosities that reflect and celebrate a diversity of identities and life experiences. Her mission is to expand the representation of people and stories around us, and for everyone to see a bit of themselves in Kwohtations cards. Also, she firmly believes that humor is key to savoring the good times and surviving the hard ones.

Janine prints each card one at a time on an antique printing press and then paints them in by hand, so that each one is truly handmade and unique.