Assortment of 14 pens in rainbow order.
Close up of assortment of 14 pens in rainbow order
Neon pink pen with both caps off showing the square tip on one end and fineliner on the other end. Other 13 pens are to the side in rainbow order.
Swatches of all 14 pens; 3 squares per color with the name on each color next to the squares.

Square "Dot-e-Pen" Double-Ended Marker

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Make your own checklists in a rainbow of colors with these super fun markers that have a square-shape "stamp" on one end and a fineline pen on the other!

The tiny squares are also great for pixel art!

Square barrel is comfortable to hold and doesn't roll away on your desk!

Water-based dye.

Imported from Japan


Fineline end: A+
Square dot end: B

The "Lefty Test" is a grueling process of writing with a particular instrument and then immediately attempting to smudge it. Smudge test are conducted on pages from the Shorthand Standard Notebook. Other paper qualities may yield varying smudge results.
Grading scale:
A+ NO smudge
B   A slight smudge; maybe needs a second more to dry
C   Significant smudge
F   Hard fail