Rolled sticker washi shown packaged with images of each sticker shown: a bald man sweating while writing, a man's head poking out of a hole holding a "no" sign, a man running holding a book, a man in a suit looking annoyed, a man in blue leaning over weirdly.

Work With Uncle Petal Sticker Washi

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What happens when stickers and washi have a baby? Sticker washi!

Tiny stickers made from the same delicate paper as washi tape and overlapped on a roll! Peel off one by one and add to snail mail, your planner and anywhere you might put stickers!5 different design on a repeat

Helpful tips on using sticker washi:
1 - The green tab is the starting point, pull off carefully so it doesn't rip the paper tape below.
2 - You will most likely lose track of the end of the row and that's okay. Look for the piece that is free on both sides and start from there each time.
3 - Always pull carefully from the thicker part of the sticker piece toward the thinner part.

Imported from Japan