Everything your heart desires, as long as it desires stationery.

White background with pink and yellow shading in center with lavender text says, "The first thing I tell my friends about it your pure soul, and right after I describe in detail how amazing your ass is. Like, that thing is a work of art, *chef kiss*". Kraft envelope included.

Amazing Ass Love Card

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Blank inside.

by Holler Greetings

About the maker:

Holler Greetings is the love child of artists Brandon Patrick and Michael Wooldridge. Say it loud! Their aim is to pay homage to their queer elders, uphold intersectional-or-bust politics, and uplift those in their community who have done the WORK. The vibe is like a West Coast Commune met a Stoner Country Store near a Queer Summer Camp! Holler Greetings is operated from a little home dome in Austin, TX.