Everything your heart desires, as long as it desires stationery.

Image of book cover with light blue background and images of pens, shark, cake, ghost, mailbox and pencil with black text says, "Stickers yes a for-real sticker book" Pink text says, "Don't touch".
So Cute Sticker Book
So Cute Sticker Book
So Cute Sticker Book

So Cute Sticker Book

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Your new favorite sticker book is covered (front and back!) in your favorite pattern!

Afraid to stick your stickers but sad you have nowhere to keep your collection?

You need a sticker book! Yes, a REAL sticker book! You can stick your stickers without fear because the super-slidey pages release your stickers easily so you can move them around or *GASP* use them!

This cover was designed and drawn by KB, owner of Calliope

One sticker book

A5 (5.5" x 8.25")

25 pages (50 pages front and back)

Stickers not included