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Cashmere Musk Candle

Cashmere Musk Candle

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Scent profile - Pear + Musk + Cashmere

Candle Burn Time: 35 hours

7 oz. (340 g) wax fill

Coco Apricot wax

Clean burning wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood

Phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oil

Iridescent glass vessel

by Noa Lux

About the maker:

Noa Lux is a luxury home fragrance and self care brand with fragrances inspired by travel and our inner Wanderlusts. Noa Lux was founded in 2021 by Tissanie Sayles, who named the brand after her daughter Noa Victoria.

While working in the hospitality industry, Tissanie has traveled to over 25 countries and wanted to encapsulate the scent memories from all of her travels into scented candle collections.

Noa Lux candles were created to transport you home when you’re away or serve as a reminder of familiar places from the first light to the final flame.