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mage of card with white background and image of a hand holing a pink book with black text says, "Your brain, a handy guide" and pink text says, "Congrats on your diagnosis". Bright pink envelope included.

Congrats on Your Diagnosis - Brain

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I made these cards because when I found out I had ADHD in my adulthood it felt like I had been handed a user's manual for my brain. I felt like everything suddenly made sense why I am the way I am, and while not all diagnoses are good news, sometimes putting a name to your ailment is a huge celebration.

Riso-printed on bright white cardstock.

Risograph printing is kind of like screenprinting inside a photocopier! Each color is laid down 1 at a time and can be layered to blend into new colors! This imperfect method of printing goes back to the days of printing popularized in schools and libraries.

This card is 2 color printed in neon pink and black with soy-based ink.

Illustrated and printed by KB, owner of Calliope.