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Image of pencil sticker in yellow with pink eraser.

Extra Long Pencil Sticker

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8" x 1"

Water and Weatherproof

Dishwasher safe. Designed to handle exposure to wind, rain, snow and sunlight.

by Kat French Design

About the maker:

Kat is the illustrator and designer behind the positively fun paper  goods at Kat French Design. What began as a freelance graphic design  business in 2009 made a hard turn into the world of greeting cards when  Kat wanted to combine the desire to create oddly fun illustrations along with her knack for witty one liners. 

Outside of designing, the  rest of Kat's time consists of being a mom to two kids... and then the  tiniest bit of time left from that (we're talking 27 minutes a day here, people) might include watching a 90's rom-com, playing bass, or searching for the best tortilla chips and refried beans in Texas.