Everything your heart desires, as long as it desires stationery.

Beige background with image of "fuck" written in yellow flowers text and checkboxes with black text "Yeah, Noooo, This shit, You, Me, er, ing hell, it all!, capitalism, the patriarchy, The fucking versatility of it all right?". Kraft envelope included.

Fuck Checklist Card

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Blank inside.

by Holler Greetings

About the maker:

Holler Greetings is the love child of artists Brandon Patrick and Michael Wooldridge. Say it loud! Their aim is to pay homage to their queer elders, uphold intersectional-or-bust politics, and uplift those in their community who have done the WORK. The vibe is like a West Coast Commune met a Stoner Country Store near a Queer Summer Camp! Holler Greetings is operated from a little home dome in Austin, TX.