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Image of sticker sheet with individual images of an old fashioned red mail box with white text says, “Letters”, an envelope with pine sprigs and red flower, a blue banner with white text says, “Special delivery”, a red rectangle with white text says, “Do not open until Dec 25”, a white envelope with a red and blue border with red text says, “to” and “from”.

Holiday Mail Stickers & Tags

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Holiday sticker sheet featuring 4 gift labels and 12 additional parcel decorating additions.

5 x 7" finished size

Waterproof, matte vinyl stickers

by Belle & Union

About the maker:

Meg started Belle & Union when she was 23 years old, a maker and a
dreamer with a passion to share her doodles with the world. In the time
since, Meg had grown and changed, all while learning how to run an
art-based business. Meg celebrates images we sometimes overlook
in the busyness of our lives; images that refresh, restore and
rejuvenate. As we get busier more distracted by the day, Belle &
Union exists to never forget the beautiful moments that make up our days
and our lives.