Micron PN Assorted Colors
Micron PN Assorted Colors

Micron PN Assorted Colors

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The newest pen from Sakura featuring their patented high-quality, archival Pigma ink!

The Micron PN (Plastic Nib) pen is suitable for multi-purpose everyday writing. Its durable plastic nib allows the ink to flow smoothly no matter what your writing style. Pigma ink will not bleed through most papers.

Line widths can vary from .4mm to .5mm depending on how much pressure you use.
Favorite of bullet-journaling!


The "Lefty Test" is a grueling process of writing with a particular instrument and then immediately attempting to smudge it. Smudge test are conducted on pages from the Shorthand Standard Notebook. Other paper qualities may yield varying smudge results.
Grading scale:
A+ NO smudge
B   A slight smudge; maybe needs a second more to dry
C   Significant smudge
F   Hard fail