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Note-Taker Care Package

Note-Taker Care Package

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Welcome to a fun new twist on my care packages! There's a lot of info, so make sure you read everything, ok?

This special care package is for the NOTE-TAKER in your life! Note-takers always have a notebook (or 2!) on them at all times and usually a few more at home they refuse to write on.

Each kit will contain at least 1 notebook and a couple pens or more as you level up!
Contents of Note-Taker kits may also include:
Washi tape
Pencils! It's a surprise!

YES! Every kit will be a surprise but fear not! They will be curated with love and care you expect from Calliope.

Levels to choose from:
Like! $50
Love! $75
Super Love! $100

Want to add more to your kit? If you'd like to add some extras to your kit (Maybe some candy?) simply add them to your cart and it will all go to your recipient.

Remember! By purchasing a kit, you understand the contents will be a surprise and put your full trust in Calliope to make it AWESOME. Which it will be. I mean, come on.

You can use the "Notes to Seller" box to add any info like "They are a dog/cat person!", things like that. Notes section should be used to add the message you'd like in a card. Please keep it brief!

Don't forget everything that you order with the care package will go to your friend! Remember to put your pal's info in the shipping section!