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UNIBALL ONE P Limited Bath Bomb Colors
UNIBALL ONE P Limited Bath Bomb Colors
UNIBALL ONE P Limited Bath Bomb Colors
UNIBALL ONE P Limited Bath Bomb Colors

UNIBALL ONE P Limited Bath Bomb Colors

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Your favorite pen in new colors! Savon and Peony have a subtle white swirl and white tea and lavender have a confetti effect.

This pen is shorter than a regular ballpoint pen and boasts an ergonomic design that is easy to hold, allowing you to quickly pick it up and start writing. This is great pen for those who are arthritic or struggle with grip.

Pen tip is equipped with a metal stabilizer mechanism to ensure stable writing comfort.

uni One P features a revolutionary ink that provides a clear color without bleeding. This means that your writing will look crisp and professional no matter what type of paper you’re using. With this pen, you can be sure that your words will stand out in a clear, vivid way. A strong, wide-opening wire clip provides easy attachment to folders or notebooks. 

  • The cutest pen you ever did see!
  • Bring crisp, vibrant black lines to your artistic and personal projects with these smooth-flowing, revolutionary gel ink pens
  • Specially formulated ink stays on top of fibers instead of being absorbed into the paper
  • Functional & strong wire pocket clip opens wide for easy attachment to documents, folders or notebooks
  • Vibrant black ink known to help with memory retention with students
  • Only available in black ink
  • All colors are .38 mm except Banana which is .5 mm

LEFTY TEST: Pass! B (the only smudge was at the very end of the mark I made)

The "Lefty Test" is a grueling process of writing with a particular instrument and then immediately attempting to smudge it. Smudge test are conducted on pages from the Shorthand Standard Notebook. Other paper qualities may yield varying smudge results.
Grading scale:
A+ NO smudge
B   A slight smudge; maybe needs a second more to dry
C   Significant smudge
F   Hard fail