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Re-opening Update: Getting Ready!

Hai friends!

Welcome to my new blog platform! For whatever reason, Wordpress was being a jerk and wouldn't let me post new things so I moved my critical posts over here and I'll be blogging from Shopify from now on!

All my old posts have a date of April 5th but this one is for real a new post from TODAY.

If you saw my Instagram stories from this morning, you know what I'm here to talk about: REOPENING! But I want to get all those thoughts 1) organized and 2) in a place I can refer people to once my stories expire.

You guys know I have been closed to since last March, save a few weeks around the holidays when I held appointments, even though businesses like mine have been allowed to reopen for quite some time. The 2 reasons I have been closed are: I have been waiting to be vaccinated and I need to get the store cleaned up and set (AGAIN).

Well one of those things has happened! I am fully vaccinated! YAY!

And now I need to work on the other thing!  BOOOOO

I had originally hoped to be open by Mother's Day but I don't think that will be possible so NOW my target date is (da da-da DAHHHHHH) June 11th; Calliope's 5th birthday! I mean, or before!, if she's ready and I'M ready.

I'm not sure what the store itself will look like or what my hours will look like just yet. I have a lot of hurdles to make it over and new tricky things for which to find solutions, but we'll get there!

And just because I am so excited....I have some SERIOUSLY exciting things to share on Calliope's birthday. Get as excited as you can for completely vague news.