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Re-opening Update: Getting Ready!

Hai friends! Welcome to my new blog platform! For whatever reason, Wordpress was being a jerk and wouldn't let me post new things so I moved my critical posts over here and I'll be blogging from Shopify from now on! All my old posts have a date of April 5th but this one is for real a new post from TODAY. If you saw my Instagram stories from this morning, you know what I'm here to talk about: REOPENING! But I want to get all those thoughts 1) organized and 2) in a place I can refer people to once my stories expire. You guys know I have been closed to since last March, save a few weeks around the...

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Still Closed: Calliope During COVID

I don’t know what I can say differently that you haven’t heard from every other small business you love, or from what you read in the paper or online. The only difference if it will be said in my voice, and that’s what you guys come here for, right? Shit’s weird. Let’s start at the beginning. Halfway through March, more and more businesses and shops my size close up. I used to love seeing a pretty shelfie from my favorite shops on Instagram, but in March ’20 that started to mean one thing: “we’re closing”. It felt like a killer was making it’s way down a hallway, stabbing everyone in each room, and soon he would come for me. And...

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